Uncertain status on Club runs in San Francisco

Happy Friday, fellow runners!

The State’s lockdown order was rescinded a week ago, and a new city health order issued January 27. However, each county is allowed to set its own rules based on its status color.

In the December health order, running groups were explicitly prohibited, while outdoor exercise groups of up to 12 were permitted. Let’s just assume both groups follow mask and distance protocol. I defy anyone to tell me there’s a difference between a group engaged in one particular exercise over another.

In the updated health order, outdoor exercise groups can now have up to 25 people, but I cannot find direct reference to running groups anymore. The line specifically banning groups has vanished, even in the version of the order that shows the changes and edits to the previous order. Something is weird.

Buried in various places in the order is reference to "recreational activities like hiking, dancing and running", with a limit on three households per group.

Up to 25 people lifting weights or doing a boot camp constitute an outdoor exercise group. A similar group of people running is an outdoor exercise group. You cannot convince me there is a difference.

I have sought to get clarity and a rational response from the city, thus far to no avail. Official club runs in the city remain suspended pending this clarification.

In the meantime, please check your email for updates, and I hope to see you all soon on the street of San Francisco. Pester your supervisor and the mayor, they work for you!

Jay Kloepfer
Half Full Running Club