Completed Races


David S –
Limerick Marathon,  others
Lisa –
Boston Marathon
Karen – Woodside Trail Half, others
Penny –
Woodside Trail 50K, others
Anna – Lunar New Year Run 5K

2021: Most of us took a pause in racing but still met up to maintain our fitness and run together.
Prairie Fire Wichita Marathon – Jackie placed 2nd for her age group
Portland Marathon – Jackie and Duane

Napa Half and Full Marathon: Congratulations to Alan for a sub-2 PR, David S.
Kaiser Half, 10K, 5K, Golden Gate Park: Half Marathon – Jay, Catrina, Alan, David S. 10K – Anna

Berkeley Half Marathon: Half – Alan, Carmel, David S., Jay, Karen, Penny, Patrick, Antonio. 10K – Anna
Monterey Half: David O
New York Marathon: Carmel, Darlene
Kaiser Half


Lisbon Half: David O., Rainer
Napa Full and Half: Alan, Anna, Carmel, David S. Duane, Jay, Lisa, Molly, Patrick, Penny
Kaiser Half: Alan, Rainer, David S.
Hot Chocolate: Carmel
CIM: David S., Greg
Berlin Full:  Lisa
Pride Run 10K: Jay, Anna, Brant
Mountain to Beach:  Patrick
Hamburg Marathon:  Rainer with a PR
Marin Half: Karen – 3rd in her age group, Alan
London Marathon: David O, Lisa
Oakland Running Festival
Napa Marathon: Penny


New York Marathon: Lisa 
Mountains to Beach: Patrick 
Amsterdam Half: Duane  
Chicago Marathon: Lisa , Patrick , Anna, Karen
Santa Rosa Marathon: Penny
San Francisco Marathon
Napa Marathon: Liz , Penny , Jay , Anna 
Tokyo: Lisa, David O.
Oakland Running Festival
Kaiser Half
Hot Chocolate