Weekly Runs

We explore nooks and crannies, high and low, of our fabulous city. Discover parts of SF you may not otherwise see, build friendships along with endurance, and reaffirm connection to communities. We may not be large, but we are visible! Join us for a run to see what we’re all about!  

First time running with HFRC?  If this is your first run with us, please fill out our Waiver, sorry our lawyers told us to do this. Also, please email to let us know to expect you.

Weekly Runs

Meeting locations may change last minute due to air quality. Please be sure to check your email before heading out for the Saturday long run as there is always a chance we will need to cancel the run. We’ll try to monitor the situation and stay updated prior to posting on Friday.

August 28 – SATURDAY, 8 am: CHANGE IN LOCATION due to bad air quality – We’ll now be meeting at Java Beach Cafe on Sloat Blvd. by the Zoo.  We should have a better chance of fresh air. We have a weekly route of about 10 miles that can be modified to fit your goal. The running and walking group will both begin at the same time. Each group will have a leader. To run/walk your specific distance, if it is shorter than the planned route, simply turn around at the appropriate mile for an out and back.

We start at 8am but usually wait a few minutes to give everyone a chance to arrive. If you are new to us, please email so we know to expect you. More information on routes will be posted weekly in the newsfeed.

SEPTSan Francisco Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park, 1199 9th Ave off Lincoln St

WEDNESDAYS: There’s an informal run on Wednesdays, meeting 3pm (can vary) in front of the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park. We generally run 6 miles, route and distance depending on our mood. Email or text Anna if you are interested in joining us.

Other weekday runs: You are encouraged to run 3-4 times per week. The weekly training should consist of hill or mile repeats, tempo runs, a long run and an optional fourth day of running. HFRC is happy to provide you with a personal training plan. You can run solo or coordinate with other members.

See what our members are up to on Strava.

For variety, we rotate start locations monthly in San Francisco. Maps for meeting locations