Special Events

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December 1 – Annual Holiday Potluck

Thanks to all who came to the annual holiday potluck at Jay’s house. We munched on delicious foods and caught up with old friends. Great way to kick off the holidays.

June 9: HFRC Social to celebrate HFRC member David’s accomplishment!

David is the first member to complete the Abbot World Marathon Majors by running Chicago, Boston,  New York, Berlin, Tokyo and lastly, London. We celebrated with a guest friendly social at Stem Kitchen. What a wonderful turnout with old friends, spouses and David’s family.

January 20:  Injury Prevention Workshop 

Thank you Angela for an awesome session.  We learned techniques including stretching, the use of foam rollers, and resistance bands to help us build strength, flexibility and awareness to head off injury. If you missed this and want to learn more contact, please email us.

Angela Tieri – An esteemed trainer and certified coach, Angela is a successful local elite runner, part of the Impala women’s team and a competitive finisher in races ranging from 10k to 50 miles. She is also the owner of a coaching/training business, Tieri Training. Check her out at http://www.tieritraining.com/