Coyote Point January 30, 2021

Beautiful 10 mile run today along the Bay Shore Trail, south of SFO and into Coyote Point. If you look closely in the deep background of my selfie, you can see the high-rises of downtown SF.

SF Health Order has been amended with very complicated new rule for running groups that essentially limits any group to three households. So 12 people can gather for outdoor exercise classes, but perished the thought that 12 people gather for a run, even when they are following the same rules, and in fact are less of a health threat as they move swiftly through the outdoors. I defy ANYONE to explain the logic or the difference. Sigh.

Infection rates and ICU capacity in SF are far better than almost all parts of CA and moving in the right direction. So there’s a good chance we’ll move down from purple to red soon, and can resume official club runs in the city. In the meantime, please pester your city Supervisor and the Mayor’s Office. The parent’s lobby got playgrounds reopened in one day with a loud, concerted effort.