Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day kicks off the summer, and the fantastic weather this past weekend certainly complied. It was even hot in San Francisco!

The current shelter-in-place rules were extended May 22, this time without an end date. Both the state and the Bay Area are moving toward opening with Phase 2 and Phase 3 guidelines forming. Thus far, lots of talk about hair salons and car washes, but nothing about running clubs! We will continue to honor the guidelines for outdoor activities, and will not hold official club runs until permitted.

In the meantime, keep running and stay in touch! I’ve been using this opportunity to explore the City. I’ve found all kinds of new terrain and routes to show the Club. SF still has plenty of cool places to experience.

Keep sending your photos of your runs, which I’ll post with your permission. We’ll schedule another group Zoom before long, although I’m certain many of you get enough of that already 😉. But we’re neither work nor family, we’re your running buddies!

Hope you all are well. I could use a haircut…