$5 off The Sasquatch Scramble 5K/10K/Half on Sun, 4/23.

The Scramble is going down on Sun, 4/23 at Redwood Regional in Oakland and I’d LOVE to have the Half Full crew join us!

As per usual, everyone gets an awesome medal or woodallion, a sweet tech tee, post race beer from Sierra Nevada, and more.

This is the FIFTH edition of this race, so I’m going BIG on the medals and woodallions. The medal has FIVE functions (two screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a spinner, and a ruler).

The woodallion doubles as a coaster. I’ve attached a couple images for you.

The ‘HALF’ code gets you and your runners $5 off! Here’s a link for you….




The Sasquatch Scramble 5K/10K/Half goes down on Sun, 4/23 @ Redwood Regional Park in Oakland. Epic Trails. Awesome views. BEER!