Join us for our weekly Saturday run at Java Beach at 8:00 am!

Sorry for the late entry! Here are the courses for this week’s runs out of Java Beach. Please join us at 8:00 am.

For those on the SF Marathon schedule, this is your first 20 miler!

For those running one of the SF Half Marathons, this week is a down week, after last week’s 13, and we have a 10 miler on tap.

We also have a 6 mile route, and for those desiring something in between, the 10 and the 20, we have a 14 mile route (not sure where the mid-summer marathoners are in their schedules, I will touch base with each of you to make sure we have Saturday runs that suit your needs).

See you shortly!

20 miler:

14 miler:

10 miler:

6 miler:

Jay Kloepfer

Half Full Running Club