Join us for our weekly long runs and BOARD MEETING!

Board meeting starts about 10:15 at the Dogpatch Cafe (2295 3rd St). Run meets at 8am!

For the SF Half and Full, the schedule calls for 12 miles, with 2 mile warmup, 8 miles at goal race pace and then 2 miles cool down.

For the Chicago Full Marathoners, the schedule calls for 8 miles, at long, slow speed.

We also have a 6 mile social run.

All courses are flat as a pancake, so no excuse not to practice your pacing this week.

One alternate idea for those running the 12 miles with race pace as a goal: After warmup, try doing the first two miles just below race pace, four right at race pace, and then pick it up for the last two, to train your body to adjust to hard work when you’re tiring.

12 miler:

8 miler:

6 miler: