Join us for our weekly long runs, Saturday June 7 Esprit Park 7am and 8am start.

First 20 miler for the SF Marathoners! We’ll shadow much of the actual SF marathon course, including the Embarcadero, up to (but not over) the bridge, Lincoln Avenue, 25th, the Park and the return back downtown through the Haight, the Mission and Potrero.

For half marathoners, this is a down week, 8 miles at long, slow steady pace. We also have a 6-miler. Very flat for 8 and 6 this week.

Meeting place is Esprit Park, corner of 19th and Indiana, down in Dog Patch, close to 3rd and the ballpark.

For those running 20, we were talking of meeting an hour earlier than usual, at 7:00 am, to get the run in before too late in the morning. Even though I don’t need to do it, I’m up for the 20, so look for the maps on my car, maybe the front tire.

Note of interest: Run 365 is hosting a free course preview run tomorrow, open to all, 20 miler from SB Presidio, on the exact same course. I suspect we could catch up to some of them at some point, given that we’re starting an hour earlier.

20 miler:  http:/436578548/
8 miler:
6 miler: