Join us for our weekly long run Saturday, October 22 at Java Beach Cafe!

We will meet at Java Beach Cafe (on the corner of Judah and La Playa St.), where we’ll be able to get a celebratory beverage and snack after

the run. This week, we have a 10.18 mi course and a 5.47 mi course.

Full Course 10.18 mi with 798 ft elevation gain

Head north on La Playa St. and continue on MLK Dr. Past the Botanical Gardens, turn left on Lincoln Way. Turn right on Clayton St. and keep right on Twin Peaks Blvd. Continue onto Clarendon Ave. Make a left on Laguna Honda Blvd. then keep straight on Dewey Blvd. Keep right onto Taraval St. Turn right on Great Hwy to the finish.

Short Course 5.47 mi with 631 ft elevation gain

Head east on Judah St. then turn right on 48th Ave. Turn left on Kirkham St. Turn right at 15th Ave and take the steps up and turn left on Lawton St. Turn right on 15th Ave. Keep left on Noriega St. and continue onto 14th Ave. Make a right down the steps at Ortega Way. Continue on Ortega St. Turn right on Great Hwy to the finish.