Eating after exercise may provide added fat-burning benefits

For years, I have sworn that running on an empty stomach was the way to go, primarily because if I ran with anything in my stomach, it was unpleasant. I also used to run exclusively after work, so I had the benefit of having eaten lunch 5 or 6 hours before the run, so it wasn’t like I was totally depleted. I also used to think it helped me run faster, I felt lean and mean.

Turns out I had stumbled onto something that research is now backing up. See the story attached from Gretchen Reynolds at the NY Times. Gretchen is worth following, she writes interesting pieces on health, wellness and exercise, and has a open mind about questioning things that we all take for granted. Like the 8 glasses of water a day – no study or science behind that, it’s just something everyone (especially fitness coaches) latched onto.

Jay Kloepfer