Join us for our weekly long run 8:00 am Saturday at Botanical Gardens!

Join us for our weekly long run 8:00 am Saturday at the Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park.

Greetings Runners. We will be meeting from Botanical Gardens for the month of September. Air quality conditions have been sporadic of late and we will stick to the western side of the city this week where the air quality has generally been better.

We will start by running along Nancy Pelosi Drive to the Conservatory of Flowers. We will head up Arguello Blvd and turn left on Lake St. We will take Lake St to 25th Avenue then turn left. We turn right on Clement St. and run down Point Lobos Ave back into the park. We make our return on MLK Drive, then taking the side trail through the Polo FIeld and over to JFK Drive. We finish the run with a trip around Stow Lake and back to Botanical Gardens.

Total Distance is 9.73mi.

Course options to reduce mileage:

  • At 25th Avenue, you can cut the distance to ~6 miles by running back to the Park and taking Transverse Drive to MLK Drive and back to Botanical Gardens.
  • You can cut off 0.25mi by taking JFK Dr. to Chain of Lakes Meadow rather than going all the way down to Murphy’s Windmill.
  • You can cut off 0.33mi by omitting Stow Lake. Take Transverse Dr. to MLK Dr. to head back to Botanical Gardens.