Join us for our weekly long run 8:00 am Saturday at Fort Mason!

Join us for our weekly long run 8:00 am Saturday at Fort Mason. We meet in front of Equator Coffee, across from Safeway on Marina Drive.

We are at Fort Mason for this month. For those interested in more adventurous scenery, Tom will be exploring the trails in Skyline Ridge Preserve on a 16mi run (shorter options may be available if interested). Please let Tom know if you are interested in joining him.

For the City run, we will start westward on Marina Blvd and wind our way through Arguello Blvd in the Presidio. A trip across the tip of Golden Gate Park before traversing through the Panhandle, turning left on Webster St. From Webster St., we turn right on Sutter St. We make our way back to the start, going up Gough St, then Van Ness St. We run from Aquatic Park back to Fort Mason and finish at Brigantine Galilee.

I’ll be there for a 6 mile walk if anyone wants to keep me company! Still rehabbing.

MapMyRun, Total Distance: 9.87mi (15.88km)

Built in Benicia shipyards in 1891 by Matthew Turner, one of the Bay Area’s master boat builders, the Brigantine Galilee started her career as a packet ship, delivering parcels between San Francisco and Tahiti. In 1905 she began a second career as a research vessel of scientific exploration by the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Terrestrial Magnetism. After some time as a fishing vessel, the Galilee was beached in Sausalito in 1933 in what is now known as “Galilee harbor,” marking the end of her sailing days. The ship became a houseboat and offices, part of the vibrant houseboat culture that first spring up after the 1906 earthquake and carries through to this day in Sausalito. After the boat was declared no longer fit for habitation she sat empty and deteriorating for many more years. Finally, the stern portion of the boat was removed and relocated to Fort Mason, where it sat mysteriously unmarked and mostly exposed to the elements, under a small shelter. Today the midsection of the Galilee is still in Sausalito, sunken into the mud in Galilee harbor and the bow is located at the Benicia Historical Museum.

Disclosure: I made this route specifically so I can go to Benkyodo before they close for good.

For anyone needing a 20 miler this month, the following will be the flattest route you will achieve in the City. You’ll need to loop around Pier 39 (0.4mi at mile 7 and again at mile 18) twice and Exploratorium once (0.3mi at mile 17). These segments will provide you some slight options to cut your distance a little short if needed.

Jay Kloepfer
Half Full Running Club