The Crosstown Trail turns 2 years old, and you’re invited to help share in the celebration on Sunday, June 6!

The Crosstown Trail is a new urban resource, a 17-mile trail that runs from the southeast corner of San Francisco to the northwest corner, from Candlestick Point to the Land’s End Visitor Lookout Center. Or you could say it runs Northwest to Southeast!

The Trail was put together and is maintained by a group of volunteers. To celebrate its second birthday, they are throwing a weekend-long 2nd birthday party, Saturday, June 5 and Sunday, June 6. See the link below.

Here’s where you come in – founding member of the HFRC Tom Collier was asked to lead runners on the 17 mile path Sunday, June 6 starting at 9:00 from Candlestick Point. The run will coincide with a hiker’s group and a cyclist group covering the 17 mile trail that Sunday. The HFRC will join forces with Tom and Crosstown Trail folks, and join in on the run and help guide people, if we can.

I know not many of us might be in shape to run 17 miles right now. so I’m suggesting tackling legs. Last summer, when the HFRC tackled the Trail, we broke it up into 3 segments, roughly coinciding with the 5 segments laid out by Crosstown Trail website. I plan to be at the start at Candlestick Point, and I’ll try to make it through the first two segments, to either Forest Hill Muni station or as far as 9th and Irving. You can join at the start, or 5 miles in at Glen Park, or Forest HIll. I’ll send out a more detailed plan as the date draws near.

The link below takes you to the Crosstown Trail 2nd Anniversary celebration and a lot of good detail.

I encourage everyone to take part, in whatever capacity you are comfortable with. You can also hike it or cycle it. And pass this invitation along to friends, family and other runners and their running groups. It’s a nice SF community event to take part in. This will post on our website and our FB page, please feel free to share.

Jay Kloefper
Half Full Running Club