Crosstown Trail completed!

Finished the final third of the Crosstown Trail today! Beautiful run from the Botanical Gardens to Stow Lake, Rose Garden, Park Presidio, the Presidio, Baker Beach, Seacliff, and the coastal trail to Land’s End. Then we returned via the Richmond and a stop along the way at Patrick’s favorite Chinese bakery. Running with a pink box garners a lot of attention! Always something good in a pink box.

First photo is on the coastal trail, the second is at the entrance to the Botanical Gardens, such an idyllic part of GG Park.

Crosstown trail completed – 17.5 miles, lots of hills, new neighborhoods, trails and sites. Not sure how the trail makers managed to avoid almost every SF landmark, but they did!

In response, Patrick has laid out the Criss Crosstown trail, to go from Fort Funston in the SW corner of the city to North Beach, the opposite diagonal. We’ll tackle that trail in legs starting November 7!