Another piece on neck gaiters and efficiency

While the title of this piece is provocative, and suggests Slate is debunking the story on the effectiveness of gaiters as face coverings, the story is less provocative. In essence, it highlights the warning stated within the actual study that it was not a scientific sample, and broad conclusions should not necessarily be drawn from it. The notion that gaiters are worse than no mask at all is supposition, and may not really be supported by the study’s procedure. They do end with the notion that you DO need a face mask that works, and that common sense would tell you that if something is easier to breathe through, chances are it’s not doing the job of something a bit more difficult.

Always a risk in sending out information via the media in these times of instant rebroadcasting. I will refrain from engaging in further debate. Stay healthy, wear a mask, it’s simply a sign of respect for your fellow citizens, it’s not a political statement any more than wearing a hat in the sun is a political statement, or covering your mouth when you cough (when you are being both polite AND respectful of others). I would argue any mask + common sense is sufficient.