On this date, three years ago!

Greetings fellow runners! Hope you are all doing well. Hard to believe we are 10 weeks into the quarantine. I miss seeing and running with you all, and look forward to when we can run together as a club once again.

I am following the evolution of the shelter in place orders for SF and will let everyone know when we can plan to meet again.

In the meantime, I will share photos from past gatherings, hoping to inspire you to keep in touch, keep running and remember the wonderful community we have built. Please send along photos of your recent runs and I will post those, too.

Three years ago we held one of our signature scavenger hunt runs in Golden Gate Park. So much fun! We are so grateful to Patrick for organizing the event, setting the course and providing prizes and refreshments.

Collage of photos attached! I’ll also see if I can send along the animation of the group photo at the end of the race, very cool.