Social distancing in San Francisco on a cool gray day this week (04/10/20)

Hope you are all doing as best as possible in our surreal new reality. Ocean Beach has been weirdly empty this week as the cold weather kept everyone inside.

I hope everyone can get out and join us on a virtual run Saturday morning at 8:00 am. Please send me your photo from your run for a virtual group portrait for us to post.

And now, an uncharacteristic stern note. A warm day today (Friday) brought out scores of exuberant children and their irresponsible parents to the Great Highway. I understand the need to get outside as we shelter in place for the fourth week, but please be thoughtful of the health and safety of your fellow citizens. If you can’t follow the social distancing protocol, stay home. Flattening the curve requires everyone’s cooperation. Don’t be the dumbass who’s selfish behavior spells the end of exercise for everyone else.