Marin run!

Hello everyone!

Saturday, February 22nd is our trail run! We will be traversing the beautiful Marin Headlands before going to Alan’s house for coffee and snacks. Thanks Alan!

What to bring/prepare: there is no water available on these courses, or at the start, please bring your own. Even if you wouldn’t bring water for a 10-12 miler, you need to for this run as it will take longer than a road run. If you want to figure out how long you’ll be out there, add 30-60 min to the time it usually takes you on the street. I also recommend some sort of fuel. Ticks are present in Marin County so it will be important to check yourself after the run. Poison oak is also common so stay on the trails.

The courses: we will be leaving from the Tennessee Valley (TV) trailhead parking lot on the Miwok trail. THERE WILL BE HILLS. Lots of hills. Almost all of the trails will be dirt single track (see picture below for an example). There are some rocky bits. If you have trail shoes, I’d wear them. If you don’t then bring some older road shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. There will be steep climbs, especially up from Pirate’s Cove. There may be a lot of sun, so bring sun protection. If you don’t want hills, you can run from the parking lot to the beach on repeat. It’s 2 miles round trip. But that’s boring.

7.65 mile option
10 mile option

12.75 mile option

Getting there: We will meet at the Presidio Sports Basement to carpool/caravan over. We will be leaving the lot at 7:45am, please arrive at 7:30. The drive is about 20 min from there. The parking lot at TV can have large potholes and is unpaved. Low-riding cars should try to park right by the entrance or on the side of the road.
Here are the driving directions. Cell signal once at TV is pretty much non-existent. It then comes and goes while on the trails.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Can’t wait to see you all on Saturday.


Pirate’s Cove trail: