Paris Marathon in 2020!

David O and Jay K have signed up for the 2020 Paris Marathon! We’d like to issue an open invitation to anyone in the club to join us. The date is April 5, 2020. David and Jay are celebrating milestone birthdays next year, and what better way than to run a marathon in the City of Light in the spring?

Unlike many major big-city marathons, the Paris Marathon does not have a lottery (yet), although they do have qualifying times and fund-raising as entry options. The entry for 2020 opened two days ago, and we were able to sign up today, confirmed entry. Another way in which the Paris Marathon is unlike others, the entry fee was 90 euros, or about $102. For comparison, NYC is close to $300.

Make a vacation out of it, bring the family! Or leave the family behind and make it a different kind of vacation! We are committed and will start our training in earnest in the fall. Join us!

Jay Kloepfer
Half Full Running Club