Join us for our weekly long run 8:00 am Saturday, January 21 at Sports Basement on Bryant Street.

I know it will be a busy day with Women’s March activities all over the Bay Area, but the SF event doesn’t begin until 3:00 pm, so we should be fine with our run. Come run with us and get energized for the day!

We have a 5-6 mile social run, an 8-miler and a 12-miler mapped out.

We also have our new gear, if you haven’t got it already: blue short-sleeved t-shirts and club warm-up jackets! They’re awesome! Come out Saturday and get yours!

Note that the Kaiser SF Half Marathon is coming up on February 5, and registration is still open. A couple of club members have signed up, it’s a tradition for me, as it’s close to my house (GG Park) and the course covers many of our home field club runs.

We are also hosting the official 12-week training program for the Marin Half Marathon, scheduled for April 30. We will start the program on Saturday, February 4. Might be a great way to jump start your training year, or for a friend you know who’d be interested. We will have a "novice" program, aimed at getting you to the starting line with confidence, and an intermediate program with greater mileage.

5 miler:
8 miler:

12 miler:

Jay Kloepfer


Half Full Running Club

jay @ halffullrunning .com

cell: 415.317.2011