Join us for our long runs on Saturday, Feb. 7, Duboce Park, 8:00am

Saturday is our official kick-off for the SFM 24-week training program, as well as an unofficial jump start of training for the Oakland half.

For those getting back into gear, we have a 5-miler, as well as an 8-miler for those looking to add a few miles. For those training for the Oakland half, we’ll assume you’re already under way, and this week calls for 12 miles.

Don’t forget, we’re starting from Duboce Park, the corner of Duboce and Sanchez, next to the Duboce Park Café at the SE corner of the park. Also don’t forget, we’re having a board meeting following the run, as close to 10:00 am as we can.

See you there, rain or shine!

5 miler:
8 miler:
12 miler: