Bart Yasso this Thursday!!

See the evite:

And here’s a message from Jay!

Your club board of directors choose to bring Bart in as part of our mission to train and educate our members on topics related to running, fitness and the running community. It would be great if we can get a strong showing, the more the merrier.

Bart Yasso is an icon in our sport, a long-time writer for Runner’s World and a running adventurer, as well as the namesake for the Yasso 800 workouts we all know and love! Word has it (from Greg Rosenberg, who will be here for the fun) that Bart is also a lot of fun to spend time around, and I encourage you to come this Thursday for fun, fellowship, fascinating running information, and if all that doesn’t entice you, food and drink! We’ll even have a short run beforehand to loosen up and stir up a little thirst.

Feel free to bring a friend, all we ask is for a $5 donation from our non-member guests, which we’ll put towards beer anyway!