Crosstown Trail – Saturday, September 26th, 2020!

Great adventure today! Section One of the new Crosstown Trail, out and back from Glen Park to Candlestick Point (this photo). Incredible variety: urban start, McLaren Park, a series of neighborhood gardens called the Visitation Valley Greenway, then the arid trail to the Point out on the Bay. And then turn around and come back!

Big hills, bigger vistas, a new corner of SF for many runners. 10.5 miles total, on a beautiful sunny day.

More pictures to follow.

More Crosstown Trail information!

If you go to the Crosstown Trail website ( , they offer a link to an app for guidance on the trail.

If you’re a bit more old school like me while out on the road, I’ve attached route descriptions, turn-by-turn instructions for going southbound from the Glen Park BART station. These descriptions are also downloadable from the website into both pdf format and GPX format for those wanting to load it into their GPS tool.

Should be a beautiful day tomorrow! Don’t forget your sunscreen, your water, and your sense of adventure!

Jay Kloepfer
Half Full Running Club


Join us for a special long run 8:00 am Saturday, September 26 – The Crosstown Trail (Part 1)!

Join us for a special long run 8:00 am Saturday, September 26, we’re tackling the first part of the new Crosstown Trail!

The official Crosstown Trail course is 17.5 miles, running from Candlestick Point to Lands End. We are planning to break the course into three segments to make the logistics sensible for the group, and to shorten the legs from 17.5 miles!

Part 1 will start at the Glen Park BART station, we’ll meet in the plaza in front of the station at the corner of Bosworth and Diamond. There should be parking in the neighborhood, particularly as you head up Bosworth.

We’ll run east under 280 and up and over McLaren Park, out to Candlestick Point. A new adventure for us all, few if any of us have run though this corner of the city. There will be some hills, some open, flat running, and passage through a couple of neighborhood stairway parks nestled mid-block.

5.2 miles each direction, but don’t worry, we will stay together as a group and enjoy the urban adventure.

Any questions, please ask. Come join us, something new to break the routine!

Jay Kloepfer
Half Full Running Club

Join us for our weekly long run 8:00 am Saturday, September 19 at Fort Mason!

Join us for our weekly long run 8:00 am Saturday, September 19 at Fort Mason. We meet at the entrance to Ft. Mason, next to Equator Coffee.

The air has all cleared so we should be good to go. We’ll get to the postponed Crosstown Trail run soon, but for this week we’ll enjoy the waterfront and the Presidio.

Hope to see you all out on the road with us.

Jay Kloepfer
Half Full Running Club

Unofficial run in Golden Gate Park September 12th, 2020

Took a chance on a run today by myself in Golden Gate Park, despite the all-purple map on

The air was clean and fresh, damp from the fog, with no smoke smell, far better than last week with our alleged yellow readings for air quality. Frankly, it was the best air I’ve run in for two weeks, a delightful 8.5 miles!

Perhaps the trees helped, my wife noticed the same phenomenon at the Zoo yesterday. I wonder if the damp fog messes with the readings on PurpleAir. Perhaps the ash particles are what’s driving the readings, and I simply find them far less irritating than smoke.

I ran across an oasis on MLK with a surprise bloom of whatever this spectacular flower is.

Stay healthy and safe. Hope to see you out running with us next Saturday.

Group run for Saturday, September 12 cancelled

Happy Friday to all,

Due to the poor air quality, we are cancelling our regular Saturday run tomorrow, September 12.

I kept watching for improvement in air quality but have seen little, and the city of San Francisco is blanketed in readings of red and purple, not conducive to strenuous exercise outdoors.

Stay healthy, hope to see you all next week.

Jay Kloepfer
Half Full Running Club

Heart of the city

Another fun run conquering hills, heat and smoke, through the quiet streets of Chinatown and up to Lombard. We found Fay Park for the grand photo op.