Intelli-Run Co-Creators

I received this email the other day and it sounds pretty cool! Sign up if you’re interested!


“I’m working with a small team in New York to build a next-gen performance monitoring product for runners, iNTELLi-Run. We are hoping to launch in 2015, and are searching for a few co-creators (serious runners) who can help us shape the direction of iNTELLi-Run: we want to get it absolutely right so that it really meets your needs.

Co-creators will take part in several ‘missions’ over the next 7-8 months e.g. joining discussion groups, taking us along on their runs, testing existing products and our early prototypes, etc. They’ll get cool prizes and rewards for their time. You can see more here ( We are specifically searching for runners in San Francisco (we have plenty in NYC, and want a representative sample), so thought I’d reach out to you since your running club members might be interested or might know folks who would be.

I’d greatly appreciate your help in sharing this message with your team. They can register on our webpage if they’re interested. “