Join us for a Special Scavenger Run (or Walk) on Saturday, August 26 at Presidio Officer’s Club in the Presidio!

We will meet in front of the Presidio Officer’s Club in the Presidio for a special scavenger run/walk on August 26. There is parking at the Moraga Ave. Parking Lot, but note that it is metered paid parking.


To be the first team to find all of the “must find” mystery items listed and return to the start with photographic proof.


  1. Contestants should form teams of up to 4 members each (teams of 1 are ok).

  2. The winning team will be the first to show photos of all “must find” mystery items to the judge waiting at the start area, or if no team finds all items (7 items for short course, 11 items for long course), the team with the most found “must find” items after 2 hours.

  3. Photos submitted should clearly and unambiguously contain the mystery item.

  4. All members of the team should appear in the photo with the mystery item.

  5. All photos submitted by a team must come from a single camera.

  6. All photos submitted must have been taken after the start of the contest.

Course Details

  • Short Course (7 items to find, expect to run/walk 3-5 miles)
  • Long Course (11 items to find, expect to run 6-8 miles)

We will have snacks and refreshments after, with prizes for the top teams.