Join us for our weekly long run Saturday, March 5 at Fort Mason!

For the month of March, we will meet in front of Equator Coffee (across the street from Safeway) at the entrance to Fort Mason, where we’ll be able to get a celebratory beverage and snack after

the run. This week, we have a 9.9mi course and a 5.14mi course.

Full Course 9.9mi with 658 ft elevation gain

Head west on Marina Blvd. Continue west on Mason St. Turn left onto Crissy Field Ave. Continue onto McDowell Ave. Slight right onto Park Blvd. Turn left onto Washington Blvd. Continue onto Arguello Blvd. Enter Golden Gate Park and make a left at Conservatory Drive and take the Phil Arnold Trail. Make a left on JFK Drive and continue on the pedestrian path through the Panhandle. Continue east on Fell St. then make a left on Divisadero St. Turn right on Clay, then make a left on Webster St. Turn right onto Broadway St. Turn left onto Van Ness Ave, then turn left on Laguna St to the finish.

Short Course, 5.14 mi with 437 ft elevation gain

We will start westward on Marina Blvd and continue onto Mason St. We take the side pedestrian trail to Girard Road, then make a right on Lincoln Blvd, then a left on Graham St. We continue on Arguello Blvd all the way to Pacific St. Make a left at Pacific St. then continue and make a left at Andy Goldsworthy’s Wood Vine trail. Continue onto Presidio Blvd, then make a right at Lombard St. Make a left at Lyon St., then a right at Francisco St., which will turn into Alhambra St. Turn right at Cerantes Blvd. then make a left at Fillmore St. Make a right at Beach St and continue to the finish.