Run to support girls’ education in Kenya – October 6

Molly Larkin, one of the HFRC club members is helping to organize a fun run Saturday, October 6 at Crissy Field, in support of the Amazing Maasai Girls Project. Please see the detail below.

The club will be meeting at the Sports Basement Presidio, next to Crissy Field, for our Saturday runs in the month of October. So right next door to this fun run on Saturday.

My suggestion is that we can join in for this fun run next Saturday, meeting at the Crissy Field Center, and then add on our desired mileage after the 5k fun run.

"The Amazing Maasai Girls Project is an organization founded in August 2010 with the goal of providing high-school scholarships to girls from Maasai tribes in central Kenya whose families would otherwise not have the means to fund their secondary education. They have two main fundraisers each year – a marathon in Kenya, and a Global Run where people around the world can support the cause.

This year the Global Run is on Oct. 6, and Team San Francisco is running from Crissy Field Center at 8 AM. Come if you can – this is a fun run, no official timing or course. We generally plan a 5k but can go for any distance; we just start out together.
**If you do come, wear RED and consider donating to support the girls at the link above**

If you have questions, you can contact me or Molly Larkin at malarkin.

Jay Kloepfer
Half Full Running Club

email: jaykloepfer.
cell: 415.317.2011