Two noteworthy races

Greetings fellow runners, again! Two notes in one day…

Two races worthy of consideration coming up in the winter are the Kaiser Half Marathon in SF on Super Bowl Sunday, and the Napa Valley Marathon on March 3.

The Kaiser Half is a great race, starts in GG Park, runs out to the Panhandle, back through the Park to Ocean Beach, out to the zoo and back to finish near the windmills in the Park. I’ve done this race maybe a dozen times. Keeps me running through the holiday season as it’s near the peak of the training cycle, and you can feel virtuous eating all that guacamole and chicken wings at the Super Bowl party later in the day. I believe the price goes up soon, check it out.

I just signed up for the Napa Valley marathon on March 3. I ran this race in 2017, it was one of the best supported races I’ve run, nice course, nice size (about 5,000 runners), just a very pleasant experience. They”ve added a half marathon this year, so that may expand its appeal.

Join me in Napa! The price goes up after 11:59 pm today, September 16.

Jay Kloepfer

Half Full Running Club

jaykloepfer @ gmail. com