Another message from Virgin Sport

"Hi Half Full Running!
Is Half Full Running Club the most active club in the Bay area?

Introducing a chance to prove it. Richard Branson and Virgin Sport are coming to the Bay Area Oct 14-15 to launch a new Festival of Fitness, including the new SF Bay Half and a Twin Peaks One Mile. Little insider secret: they are taking over the weekend formerly run by the Nike Women’s Half and opening it to all, in red hot Virgin style.

Even better: Strava and Virgin Sport are partnering to launch The Virgin Sport Twin Peaks Mile Club Challenge on Strava! You may be used to KOMs and QOMs on Twin Peaks and #mymile PRs on Strava…but this one is all about the largest number of participants from your crew.

Starting at 9am on Oct 14, there are four different one-mile waves for Twin Peaks:

· Straight Up: Fastest one up the hill wins
· HIIT & Run: Push-ups, sit ups, planks and a run-up – for a full body experience
· Style Mile: Dress up in costume to ascend in style
· Better Together: run with friends for twice the fun.

The club with the most attempts on race day (measured by segment participation) will win $500 for their own personal party, sponsored by Strava! We are all about getting as many people moving as possible. And yes…you can stack the vote with multiple run-ups!

Learn all the deets in our blog here and click here to get your tickets to enter the Twin Peaks Mile at Virgin Sport San Francisco.

There’s nothing quite like bragging rights…and a free party.

Here’s a $5 off code for Twin Peaks Mile Club Challenge: TPHFR

See you uphill!

Your friends at Strava and Virgin Sport"