Join us for our weekly long run 8:00 am Saturday, February 18 at the Conservatory of Flowers. We’ll have a 12, 8 and 6 miler mapped out, and shorter runs for those getting back into the swing of things. Rain is supposed to stop before we start!

We have new running shirts and training jackets, if you haven’t picked yours up yet.

We will be hosting the club’s board meeting after the run tomorrow, 10:00 am at the Rise and Grind cafe, a short walk from the run site at the Conservatory of Flowers. The board is asked to attend, but all club members are welcome to attend, too. We have an open door policy.

We are in the second week of a 12-week training program for the Marin Half Marathon on April 30.

Hope to see you out there in the morning.

6 miler:

8 miler:

12 miler:

Jay Kloepfer


Half Full Running Club

email: jay @ halffullrunning. com

cell: 415.317.2011