Join us for our weekly long run 8:00 am Saturday December 19 at Java Beach!

Join us for our weekly long run 8:00 am this Saturday, December 19 at Java Beach.

We have new HFRC shirts! Chili Pepper red, in long sleeves, go very nicely with the new blue hats. Come get yours!

Following the run, we’ll hold our 4th quarter 2015 club board meeting at Java Beach café. We’ll aim to start at 10:00 am, and pledge to take no more than 60 minutes. All club members are welcome to attend. We’ll review the past year and plan for 2016.

We have 5- and 8- mile runs mapped out, holiday maintenance runs! Hope to see you there. Happy holidays to all!

5 miler:

8 miler:

Jay Kloepfer

Half Full Running Club


cell: 415.317.2011