Join us for our weekly long run at 8:00 am Saturday, October 24 at Aquatic Park.

After the run, our own Joy Tatarka has graciously offered to lead a yoga session for all. Joy is a certified yoga instructor, a member of the club board and a veteran runner.

For those training for NYC, this should be the last long workout, a 90 minute run at an easy pace.

For those running the Berkeley Half, we’re month away, and this week and next represent the peak of the training cycle. Schedule calls for 12-14. However, it might be easiest to tack on a few miles before the group run at 8:00 so you don’t miss the yoga!

If you ran Yosemite two weeks ago and plan to run Berkeley, listen to your body and see if you are truly recovered from that giant downhill. You may be better served waiting until next week to tackle one more long training run, three weeks out from the race.

See you all there!

5.5 miler:

6.6 miler:

8.25 miler:

Jay Kloepfer
Half Full Running Club


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