Join us for our weekly long run 8:00 Saturday 8/29/15 at the Conservatory of Flowers

Join us for our weekly long run this Saturday, August 29 at 8:00 am at the Conservatory of Flowers.

For those who ran Santa Rosa last weekend, congratulations! A nice, easy 6.5 miler through the Park should be a nice way to continue your recovery.

For those training for the Yosemite half, we have 12 miles on the schedule, at long, slow pace. Next week, we’ll practice some downhill running to get us ready for the 5,000 elevation drop!

I will not be able to join the group Saturday, as we’re throwing my son’s 14th birthday party. So look for the rest of the club in front of the Conservatory. If you look at the maps, you’ll see I tried to keep the routes simple and along paths often traveled by the group.

See you all next week!

6.5 miler:

12 miler:

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