Join us for our weekly long runs tomorrow at 8:00 am!

We will meet at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. Next month, new location for Saturday runs, will post the location shortly.

For those training for the SF full marathon, we’re moving into longer mileage, with 14 on tap for tomorrow. For those training for the SF halfs, we have a down week after last week’s 9, with 6 miles on tap. Next week, the half marathoners hit double digits with a 10 miler.

We also have a 9 mile route since there always seems to be someone who wants to run 9 miles. Actually, for those running Vancouver in a week, somewhere around 9 miles is just about right, as our schedule suggests a 90 minute run at easy pace.

6 miler:

9 miler:

14 miler:

The time has come, this is the week – we’re going to conquer Twin Peaks!

We’ll run from the Conservatory of Flowers on a route that will take us to the dizzying heights and mesmerizing views of the highest point in San Francisco. We can take an awesome group photo, all while building those strong, shapely legs.

We have a 6 miler, and for those training for the SF full marathon, a 12 miler, while those on the SF half schedule are up to 9 miles. For those of us running Vancouver, start of the taper, with a 12 miler this week.

Good luck to Carmel and Angela, who are running Boston on Monday! And to Ramona, who’s running Big Sur the following Sunday, April 26th.

6 miler:

9 miler:

12 miler:

For the SF Marathon, schedule calls for 10 miles – building up!

For the Half and for those looking for a general Saturday run, we have 6 miles.

Starting from the Conservatory of Flowers at 8:00 am. See you there!

6 miler:

10 miler:

Sorry folks, no newsletter yet.

We’ll be meeting at the Conservatory of Flowers for our runs tomorrow.

Have a great run!

For those running the Oakland Half next week, this week should be a taper run, an easy 6-8 miler. You could practice pick-ups, where you accelerate to race pace for a mile at a time, just to practice the speed at which you hope to be racing next week.

For those in maintenance mode, or gearing up to start on our 18-week SF Marathon and Half Marathon training program, we suggest 6 to 8 as well.

For those with spring marathons, it’s a 20-miler! Please let Jay Kloepfer know directly if you’re planning on running the 20 miler, as we may alter the starting time to suit the expected warm weather.

6 miler:

8 miler:

20 miler:


Sneak peek at the SF Chinese New Year Parade floats this am!


This is what happens when David gets a hold of an unfamiliar camera…


Social 6 miler:

Oakland Half 10 miler (easy, taper):

Vancouver full 13 miler (2 mi warm up, 9 at marathon pace, 2 mi cool down):

See you tomorrow at Duboce Park Cafe for our last run from this location. New spot for March! See you at 8am!



15-miler for Oakland Half: OR

18-miler for Vancouver Full:

For those running Oakland, the schedule calls for 12-14 miles, so we have a 13-miler tailor made for you!

For those gearing back up to run and for those starting to train for the San Francisco Marathon and Half Marathon in July, we have a 7.5 and a 5.25 miler.

We meet at the southeast corner of Duboce Park, next to the Duboce Park Café. See you all there!

5.25 miler:

7.5 miler:

13 miler:

16 miles is on the schedule for those running a marathon May 3rd, such as the Vancouver Marathon. It’s an LSD 8 miler for Oakland half runners, and we also have a 5 miler.

See you out there!




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