For CIM, we’re into the taper, with a 12 miler. We also have an almost-9-miler and a 6 mile option.

Supposed to be a 60+% chance of precipitation today between 8 and 10 am. It can’t be perfect all of the time!

See you all in the rain.

6 miler:

8.6 miler:

12 miler:

For CIM, it’s the last long run – 22 miles of SF glory!

We have a 9 miler and 6 miler for everyone else.

Meeting at Java Beach, see you all there!

6 miler:

9 miler:

22 miler:

For those training for the CIM, it’s a down week, with 14 on the menu. So Jay threw in some scenic hills to change up the pace.

We also have 10 miler and a 6 miler, with both featuring the Sunset neighborhood. Usually busy, but these streets should be quiet first thing in the morning, like when we run through the Mission or the Haight.

Good luck to the 9 club members running the Berkeley Half on Sunday!

6 miler:

10 miler:

14 miler:

8am at Java Beach Cafe! Corner of Judah & Great Highway.

2nd 20 miler for those training for CIM.

We also have a 9 miler for those interested in some distance, and 6 miles for those running the Berkeley Half next week.

Good luck to our members running the US Half this weekend!

6 miler:

9 miler:

20 miler:

See you at Duboce Park Cafe at 8am.

Surprise routes!

“If you haven’t heard, the Race Director has made the following announcement…all volunteers for the Marin Triathlon & Duathlon will receive free entry into the Sustainable Sports Foundation’s next event: the Marin County Half Marathon, 10K, 5K or Marin Swim (all on April 4, 2015)!
<<If you volunteer, make sure to sign in so I can send out the information after the event…in your Thank You email.>>
We are still looking for lots of volunteers for the Triathlon & Duathlon for November 3rd & 4th!  Please check out the positions at
If you’ve already signed up, thank you!  I’ll be sending you information about the event next weekend.
Deb Mitchell
Volunteer Coordinator”

Meeting at Duboce Park Café this Saturday at 8:00 am.

For those running the CIM, today is your first 20 miler for this training cycle!

For those running the Berkeley Half, we are three weeks away from the race, so we suggest a final long, slow run of up to 15 miles before beginning a taper to race day.

We have also included a  9-miler and a 6-miler.

Congratulations to those who ran in the Chicago Marathon last Sunday – Penny, David O, Chad, Jackie and Joey!

We look forward to seeing all your smiling faces out on the roads with us this Saturday!

6 miler:

9 miler:

15 miler:

20 miler:

Running from Duboce Park Café, SE corner of Duboce Park.

For those running CIM, it’s a down week, 13 miles with 2 miles warmup, 9 miles at goal MP, and then 2 miles cool down.

Also have a 9 mile and a 6 mile run, all relatively hill free after last week’s climb up Buena Vista.

Good luck to Penny, David O, Jackie, Chad and Joseph running the Chicago Marathon this Sunday!


6 miler:

9 miler:

13 miler:


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2014 Salmon Run PosterRegistration for the first leg of the Salmon Run is open to the public!  Join us on October 25th for this unforgettable 6K fun run/walk across the Golden Gate Bridge to help save our wild salmon and the rivers we all depend on.  We’ll have run t-shirts for sale during registration, but salmon-themed costumes are definitely encouraged. All runners are invited to join us for a post-run finish line party with amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge! Runners who create afundraising page and raise $100 or more will receive a free Camelbak water bottle (limited supply), event t-shirt, a free mimosa, and a sustainable seafood brown bag lunch.

After the public run we will send off a team of runners, fishing boats, and kayakers to continue the journey.  They will follow the fall salmon migration as they come in from the ocean and swim through the San Francisco Bay-Delta to reach their river spawning grounds.

The relay team will end in Sacramento where runners and other supporters will deliver a grassroots petition calling on state decision makers to take action to save wild California Salmon at the height of the drought. You can sign the online petition here.

Learn more about this epic journey and how you can get involved.

Salmon populations in California have already crashed more than 90% over the last fifty years in California because their spawning habitat has been dammed and degraded and too much water is diverted from our rivers.  Now, the drought threatens what remains of the native and wild salmon population along with the recreational and commercial fishing jobs that depend on them.

This is a fun opportunity to run in solidarity with these wild salmon to celebrate their incredible journey and build support for restoring the rivers we all depend on.  Together, we will bring attention to the fact that the San Francisco Bay-Delta and the rivers flowing into it are in crisis because too much water is diverted. Salmon are a hearty animal, able to swim hundreds of miles against the current. These are not canaries in the coal mine.  If they’re not making it, something is seriously wrong with our rivers.

By running with the salmon, you’ll help Friends of the River:

  • Promote wise water use
  • Make sure more water flows down our rivers for wildlife, water quality and recreation.
  • Protect our remaining wild rivers
  • Restore river habitat

After you register, join the event on Facebook.

To learn more about Friends of the River visit our website.

We’re meeting at Duboce Park Café, corner of Duboce and Sanchez Street.

For the Chicago people, it’s a 90 minute run, so there’s a 9 miler, as well as a 6 miler. Both feature the fantastic Buena Vista hill!

For CIM people, you should already be up to 18. No Buena Vista hill for the 18, but there is Lincoln.

See you all Saturday!

6 miler:

9 miler:

18 miler:


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